Gold Mining Engineering and Business

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I.S.A. is a leader in the precious metal mining industry led by a team of international professionals with extensive and long experience in the mining industry. Our company can investigate from the site inspection with its subsequent steps, ranging from drilling, laboratory analysis, estimation of production potential, design of the extraction plant up to the realization of the "Plant” itself and its put into production, including the refining works of the extracted gold, and when necessary, through its own channels, the marketing of the final product. In the light of the above, I.S.A. also deals with:
• Training of miners both in the techniques and in the prevention of occupational diseases and industrial safety;
• Obligation to use protective equipment for workers, supervisors and all visitors to the affected mining area;

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• Establish inspection plans and checklists;
• Verification and investigation of possible accidents;
• Security statistics and ratings;
• Internal and external audits;
• Emergency and rescue operations;
The guiding spirit of our company stands up for the protection of the environment that is a priority, carried out with effective and continuous communication with local authorities, but also with adequate training for our workers.
I.S.A. is a leader in the following areas:
• Exploration, survey and mining geological research
• Mining technology
• Gold refining technology
• Natural resources management


I.S.A. is a global player in the construction industry, specialized in the creation of large complex projects with design & construction. The international company is specialized in the construction of large and medium complex works. Based on sustainable development principles, our company reaps benefits from the technological and organisational innovation and on the extraordinary human and professional heritage owned, using them to develop construction solutions that strengthen the resources of local communities and contribute to the economic and social growth of the populations connected with every project.
Our company, thanks to the founders and partners' experiences, has a solid background in the realization of works ranging from highways to railways, from dams to hydroelectric plants, from metros to airports, from hospitals up to industrial buildings.
I.S.A. operates in all areas where large complex infrastructures are required, with Design & Construction activities on:
Dams and Hydroelectric Power Plants
Highways, Roads and Bridges
Railways and Metros
Airports, Civil and Commercial Construction

Engineering and Development

Design is the definition of technical-architectural language that leads to the efficiency and modernization of structures and their aesthetics.
I.S.A. through major international engineering and architecture studios is involved in advanced design for numerous industrial sectors ranging from civil to industrial engineering with particular attention to energy and in the latter sector thanks to partners of international importance. Vocational training and professional expertise distinguish I.S.A. in design of solar, wind, geothermal, nuclear or biomass or tidal power plants, but always in line with regulations and in full compliance with safety standards.
Main fields where I.S.A. intervenes in the design are:
• Construction and Civil Engineering

• Hydraulic Engineering and Transportation
• Industrial Engineering
• Renewable Energies (Solar, Photovoltaic, Wind, Biomass and Tidal Systems)
• Geothermal (Geothermal Plants)
• Secutiry
• Aeronautics and Aerospace
• Naval
• Robotics
• Telecommunications
• Training and Research