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International Service Agency

Our new millennium world summarises the evolution given by what we thought to be a future away from the real present, which leads man to run up towards innovation, not only in the telematics world or the web, but also in the world of business, trading and in much or less important construction works. Today, it is never an obligation to be at the forefront of both technology and ideas to ensure that everything has a fast, reliable, and safe flowing towards the target, whatever it is.
I.S.A. (International Service Agency) rooted in this philosophical and rational thought. It is a leading company in terms of evolution and dynamism as well as seriousness and professionalism in the realization of ideas and projects as well as in customer service in all its forms. In I.S.A.’s DNA is melted the set of experiences and skills of today's luminous professionals, specialised in their field, that can offer a variety of top solutions.
I.S.A. means not only financial assistance and advice with fast and dynamic solutions, but also construction of large civil and industrial works, up to the creation of alternative energy plants and their design through the most advanced technologies.
The great experience in the field of commodities leads us to direct raw materials management, guaranteeing safety, savings and rapid contractual signing. The true strength of I.S.A. lays in the diversity of its activities, each managed with passion and determination as well as with high professionalism. Precisely this variety of activities brings all them to be almost complementary to each other, allowing us to be able to offer you our best. I.S.A. is the fruit of this new millennium, for what it asks to men, and for what mankind needs.

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